Drogueria Hofmann

A committed team

Attending for products and technologies that provide safety and quality to our clients.


With over 65 years’ experience in the Chilean market, Drogueria Hofmann permanently seeks for innovative, prestigious and evolved high quality products, for distribution towards the  medical and retail markets.

High-level professionals, belonging to the most diverse areas, allow our team to provide extensive advice on creating value for the brands and products we distribute.

We work based on integration, innovation, motivation  and constant training plans for all our collaborators, who are an essential pillar of the company’s success and professionalism.

These activities encourage the creativity and team playing in our organization, allowing us to be at the forefront of the Chilean market needs.  Our clients, belonging to various areas in the health market (Private and Public Hospitals) and Retail (Pharmacies, Supermarkets, department and smaller stores), define  us as a reliable and  responsible company,  including personalized customer service and updated in the latest marketing and communication technologies.

Our quick and timely response to our clients & consumers requirements, position us as a market leader in various segments.  Being exclusive brand representants of international prestige.  Drogueria Hofmann is committed to wellness and health, bringing innovative solutions to customers, that will help improve life quality in our country.


A company looking for better health and wellbeing of our people, by being at the forefront of the medical and retail industry,  establishing strategic alliances with the objective of meeting the demands of a society that seeks innovative solutions creating long-term value for our suppliers consumers, clients collaborators and shareholders.


Being a company committed to new generations, with constant innovation of products and technologies.  Thus, being able to meet the expectations of society, without losing sight of corporate principles and values.


It is the firm, responsible and authentic decision not to violate the rights and dignity of people.  It is the ability to accept the other from the differences, without any discrimination.

It reflects the collaborator´s intellectual and emotional involvement with his/her company, and with it, his/her personal contribution to its success, by making a positive difference.

People’s ability to work in groups, together and in a coordinated and effective way in the execution of their tasks and objectives.

It is the quality of always acting with rectitude, honesty, truth, and justice, for others and for oneself.